Book One: Gwenmere

Text Box: Legend has it Onhabar, God of Creation, bestowed dominion of the Western Lands upon the first Twelve, the ancestors of the current Royals, whose distinctive features and arrogant ways distinguish them from common Citizens.  The laws of the land, Protocol, ensure each inhabitant of the Western Lands knows not only their place, but also remains firmly ensconced in their place.  Everyone, that is, except Lady Gwenmere.

A misfit from birth, Gwenmere is fated to follow a different path once the Seethers return.  The mysterious creatures that killed her mother are targeting her this time, and her life is turned upside down.  She must abandon her privileged position as the daughter of Lord Biragore, Guardian of the Realm of Gore, to evade those who wish her harm.  She embarks on a journey that casts her out of the frivolous, privileged life of a Royal and into a world of peril, chaos, and wonder.  Along the way, she must place her trust in her fatherís Trembler, a creature who can manipulate the quake, as well as an imposing and inscrutable Crimson guard.  With their help, she discovers an incredible hidden ability that forever changes her life.

Book Two: Ember

Text Box: Coming Soon!

Copyright 2015 R.A.M. Graham

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